The Only Cancer Institute in the World Designed by a Patient

Jon Huntsman, Sr., has had cancer four times. So he’s spent enough time in cancer hospitals to know what he’d do differently when he designed one from scratch. That’s why Huntsman Cancer Institute is unlike any other. It looks different. Feels different.

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Patient Stories

Living a More Purposeful Life

In the short time between Ken Selden’s cancer diagnosis and the end of his treatment, he and his wife, Julieann, went through a lifetime’s worth of grief, fear, pain, hope, and joy. In return, they’ve earned a lifetime’s worth of wisdom. After what the young couple call the worst trial they’ve ever faced, Julieann and Ken say they now live a more purposeful life.

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Cancer Champions

Give Your Body Some Gratitude

When we experience illnesses such as cancer, we sometimes develop an antagonistic relationship with our bodies. And yet, these are the times when they most need our care and appreciation. Treating your body with kindness and appreciation will allow you to experience greater happiness.

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